About Us

HangTimeTM products are manufactured in Newington, Connecticut by Progress, Inc.  They were invented, designed, molded, assembled and shipped from this location.

Our HangTimeTM Snowboard Mounts were introduced in November 2008 and have provided a way for thousands of people to hang their boards in style.  US Patent D650,460 was awarded in December 2011 for our snowboard mounts.

HangTimeTM products are available from our web store as well as many board shops across the USA.

Our snowboard mounts have been shipped all over the world; USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

The HangTimeTM products are made using materials of the highest quality and workmanship.  They are made to provide a lifetime of use.

In June of 2012 the HangTimeTM Skateboard Mounts were introduced.  Using an innovative method to allow skateboarders to hang their board. US Patent 8,540,197 was awarded in September 2013 for our skateboard mounts.